Time for Voters to Exercise Rights

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October 03, 2016

With the 2016 Presidential General Election only weeks away, it’s time once again for citizens across DuPage County to exercise one of their greatest rights as Americans by casting votes for their candidates of choice at the county, state and federal levels of local government.
If not already encamped with a major party, did a candidate’s performance during first Presidential Debate strike a chord for you?  Do you expect the remaining debates on October 9 and 19 to deliver an “aha” moment?
With both candidates polling historically high as unlikeable and viewed by the public as polarizing, will voters line up at the polls by the droves to cast anti-opposition ballots or apathetically stay home in record numbers?
In DuPage County, nearly 72% of the 560,718 registered voters turned out at the polls for the 2012 Presidential Election, down from the more than 76% of 551,280 who voted in the 2008 Presidential Election—even though the voting pool grew by some 9,500 over that four-year period.  In last March’s General Primary Election, the Presidential campaign generated 143,575 Republican votes and 126,375 Democratic votes, only around 25% and 22%, respectively, of the total of 572,109 registered voters.
In the 8th Congressional District (which includes a section of Elmhurst), former Elmhurst Mayor and DuPage County Board District 2 member Pete DiCianni, a Republican, and Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi are running for the U.S. House of Representative seat being vacated by Democrat Tammy Duckworth, who is challenging incumbent Republican Senator Mark Kirk.  While Republicans outnumber Democrats, independents will likely determine the victor.  In the primary, Democrats outvoted Republicans only 29,630 to 23,248 even with a contested race.
So, if you are not content letting an engaged minority decide who will govern, then vote on November 8.  Early voting at Elmhurst City Hall (and other locations) runs through November 7.