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Churches have always been a source of sanctuary for people in need. That is why so many people approach a church for help. The challenge arises for the churches: they may not be aware of all the community services available for each need, nor do they want to duplicate services that other's provide.

LOVE Christian Clearinghouse has been helping churches help others since 1985 by listening to families in need and connecting them with the most appropriate community services to move forward with their lives. LOVE volunteers are also helping families stay in their homes - preventing homelessness during a time of financial crisis. LOVE is concerned with the 'whole' person: their physical and financial needs, but also their emotional, spiritual and relationship needs.

LOVE will serve more than 3000 people in 2018, some from Elmhurst and others from the surrounding towns, referred by churches, the county, the townships and many local services agencies. All are served.