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About Us

StretchLab Elmhurst offers one-on-one assisted stretch session to it's clients. The sessions are tailored to the client to meet their needs and reach their goals. Our full stretch session is 50 minutes long and allows us time to cover the client's whole body and really focus on areas with muscle tightness, muscle and joint pain, imbalances, work related issues, and more. We are very big on GOALS! Some common goals: being able to touch one's toes, having less restrictions in the golf swing, reducing the risk of injury, regaining flexibility due to injury, surgery, or illness; improving performance in a competitive sport; feeling better after activities, dealing with work related conditions, training for an event. These are just a few examples of how we help our clients. We tailor the session to YOU! Our staff (Flexologists) all have solid backgrounds in the health,fitness, and wellness field and then go through our FTP training so that we ensure effective AND safe progress!