Suburban Bank & Trust - Lake St.



About Us

Suburban Bank & Trust offers banking solutions tailored to its customers, their needs, and the unique Elmhurst community. Whether you?re looking for a checking account for your family, a first savings account for your child, a mortgage for your new home, or a loan for your local business, Suburban Bank & Trust can help.

But, the bank does much more than that: it goes above and beyond basic banking solutions to host financial education courses, hold community events and throw neighborhood cookouts. Suburban Bank & Trust believes a bank should be a true asset the area it serves. Bank employees serve on local boards, participate in and sponsor community events, and volunteer for local organizations. The bank works hard to contribute to a better Elmhurst and takes great pride in that commitment.

Suburban Bank & Trust is a branch of Hinsdale Bank & Trust. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.