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About Us

At TITLE Boxing Club Elmhurst, we aim to honor the sport of boxing in the right way. By teaching you not just how to punch but how to box you're guaranteed to get the best workout possible with us.

Inspired by a true boxer's heavy bag workout, fundamental to our signature boxing class design is using every part of the body to increase endurance, control breathing, and gain clarity. Each authentic heavy bag workout combines the benefits of high impact training and stress relief, while incorporating skills and fun into every class.

Whether it's our 45-, 60-, or 75- minute boxing fitness class, the flow remains the same: a thoughtful progression of warm-up drills, shadowboxing, HIIT exercises, 3 minute rounds on the heavy bag, and strength work.

Over everything, we are dedicated to showing people of all ages, shapes, and abilities that there is no feeling like ripping a heavy bag! A feeling of confidence that you can take with you anywhere you go and in everything you do!